Xtream UI Secure Database File Procedure


Dear All,

Any one using Xtream UI panel, needs to secure the file ( database.php ) with a pass phrase.

In order to do so, u need to.

1- FTP to ( /home/xtreamcodes/iptv_xtream_codes/admin ) .

Where it says (#!!!IMPORTANT!!! this is script access password, SET IT if you want to protect you DB from public access ) Line 6

2- Edit File ( database.php ) .

3- Add a pass After the Word ( $ACCESS_PWD=’‘; ) .

4- as example will be ( $ACCESS_PWD=‘MYPASS’; ) .

5- Save the changes .

This will prevent any one from accessing the Database without the current set password, this password can be any, nothing have to do with ur current database password, and you should use a different password in there.